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The aim of this project is to create a pleasant RGB light for home use. For regulating the lights we use a Netduino Plus 2, for controlling the lights remotely we use a Windows Phone app.

The solution includes both a Windows Phone 8 and a Netduino Plus 2 project. When you use the Express editions of Visual Studio, you need to open in both in "VS Express for Windows Phone" as well as "VS Express for Windows Desktop" for being able to edit both projects.

Enough Software
This is an Enough Software project.

Hardware Setup

You need the following parts:

  • Netduino Plus 2
  • Bluetooth connection, e.g. via the Seeedstudio Bluetooth Shield (note that as of this moment Windows Phone does not support Bluetooth low energy)
  • 3 N-Channel MOSFETs
  • A breadboard, some cables

The wiring is fairly simple:

Breadboard wiring

  1. Place the 3 MOSFETs on the breadboard next to each other
  2. Connect the PWM port D5 with the left input of the first MOSFET (red)
  3. Connect the PWM port D6 with the left input of the second MOSFET (blue)
  4. Connect the PWM port D9 with the left input of the third MOSFET (green)
  5. now connect the right output of each MOSFET with the horizontally switched negative circuit path of the breadboard and then add a cable to the ground (GND port) of the Netduino
  6. Connect the middle of each MOSFET to the slots sitting next to each other on the breadboard
  7. Connect the power (Vin port) of the Netduino next to the slots
  8. Connect your RGB LED stripe to the breadboard below the slots coming from the middle of the MOSFETS and the power; note that each RGB LED may have a somewhat different wiring than shown above (check the RGB and power inputs on your LED)

Note that I use the Seedstudio Bluetooth Shield which is placed on top of the Netduino and forwards all ports:

After or before wiring you need to load your app onto the Netduino. Open this project in Visual Studio (e.g. in Visual Studio Express for 2012 for Windows Desktop) and just start debugging with the plugged in Netduino board. Afterwards your Netduino board will run this app automatically whenever switched on.

When running the Netduino on the USB port of your computer you will very likely not see anything, as the LED stripe probably requires more power. Plug in a V9 power adapter (I used a V12 adapter which worked fine for me, but note that Netduino port seems to be specified for 5, 7 or 9 volts only).

Windows Phone App

The Windows Phone 8 app allows you to specify one or several colors:
WP_single.png WP_multiple.png WP_multiple_save.png WP_edit.png

Right now you need to install the Windows Phone app from within Visual Studio on your handset, but I will try to submit the app later.






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